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Sjeverni Velebit National Park

Krasno 96 HR 53274 Krasno tel: +385 (0)53 665 380 web: e-mail:

Plitvička jezera National Park

HR 53231 Plitvička jezera tel: +385 (0)53 751 015, 751 014 e-mail: web:

Paklenica National Park

Dr. Franje Tuđmana 14a HR 23244 Starigrad-Paklenica tel.: +385 (0)23 369 155, 369 202 e-mail: web:


NehajThe town of Senj is the largest urban anglomeration on the Croatian coast beetwen Rijeka and Zadar. The town area comprises the maritime coast which is 76 km long and is situated beetwen the sea and the slopes of Kapela and Velebit (Velebit is the biggest mountain in Croatia). It’s at 14° 54′ 10” east longitude and 44° 55′ 24” north latitude. Its position on the Eastren Adriatic coast determines its maritime connection with the Mediterranean towns and countries. It’s linked with the hinterland by the roads across the Vratnik pass (700m above the sea level) in the North, but also with the Vinodol Valley and Rijeka in the West and with Zadar, Split and southren Dalmatia in the South.

Senj_02Northern Croatia has the continental climate. Central Croatia has pre-mountainous and mountainous climate, and the coastal area has the Mediterranean climate (with dry and warm summers, and mild and humid winters). The temperatures (in degrees Celsius) in winter range from -1° to 3°C in the continental zone, from -5° to 0°C in the mountain region, and from 5° to 10°C in the coastal region. The temperatures (in degrees Celsius) in summer range from 22° to 26°C in the continental part of the country, 15° to 20°C in the mountain region, and 26° to 30°C in the coastal region. With 2.600 hours of sunshine per year, the Adriatic Coast is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean.

Senj_03The temperature of sea during the summer season is 25° to 27°C. The most common winds are the north-eastern wind called bura that brings cold weather, the landward breeze called maestral, which announces nice weather and starts blowing at around 11AM, and jugo, the humid wind that blows from the southeast.


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