Days of Uskok

In those two days Senj will be back to the 16th century at a time when the fortress was built by Nehaj which Senj, as well as by uskoci who lived in it most. The event will reconstruct the events of that time, onodobnu clothing, customs and foods. In the event we will organize a fair of traditional crafts, their camps and view of life in vogue in Senju. You will Uskoks and away Uskok and chivalrous knights group show Uskoks battle with the Turks and hold parade the streets of the fortress Nehaj. We will organize and historically educational performances, competitions in archery, fencing school, radionoce medallions and characters from the past and an entertainment program (organized by jugglers and various dance groups). We invite you to join us on Days of Uskok and enjoy the unique medieval experience.

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